We are art

For me, art is the ultimate in human expression. It is the zenith of the Maslow triangle. It is a means of collating data from all of our life experiences and communicating it to another in one swoop. 



The desire to create exists in each of us and as a species we are fascinated with ourselves. Art is the quintessential puzzle of human existence. It is a pathway to our unconscious. We stare at it to feel, to understand, to analyse, to question, to admire, to judge and afterwards we get to have an opinion because the art that is created is intrinsically human and there is no way to avoid that.  

Art exists outside of class and creed. It transcends petty human distractions but at the same time flirts with and illustrates them. It is the symphony of the human race. We each have a unique voice, generated by the nuances of our experience and no two songs are the same no matter how similar.  

We are human.

We are, each one of us, artists, and to be one is a privilege.